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Solartron Technology Co., Ltd. is founded by a number of talents from abroad and Fortune 500 companies. Supported by international venture capital funds and cooperating with external research institutions, it is committed to be a world-leading functional film company focused on strategic emerging industries.

Solartron Technology has an international top notch sales, Manufacturing and R&D management team. Solartron Technology is committed to be the very best optical and functional film company in China by fully utilizing its word-class manufacturing equipment and fast-responding local service.

The company, established in the year of 2010, has located its manufacturing center in Jiangbei District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, with an area of 200 Chinese acres for the first phase, 4 production lines and production capacity up to 80,000 tons per year are being built in the land. The products of the company, with a wide variety, are mainly divided into four categories based on applications: optical films, solar back-sheet films, films for electrical and electronics and industrial films, ranging from 6 to 350μm in thickness and 200 to 3000 mm in width.

Based on the shared values of Integrity, Energy, Execution, Customer First, Teamwork, and Eagerness to learn more; Solartron strives to be the very best functional film company in China, and creates values for our customers, shareholders, employees and society.


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